Amalia the Book to Read

Reading fans love Amalia.  Her journey is a difficult one but yet very inspiring to the reader who keeps turning the pages while walking with Amalia.   Here are some reviews on the book:

“Awesome Book”,

“I’ll just tell you I began reading your book last night and had to force myself to stop and go to bed.  Then right after breakfast today I began reading again and finished it!.  I was absolutely fascinated and couldn’t stop.!!”

” You have had quite an amazing journey and it has been fascinating to see it in print. Thank you for sharing such interesting, many times heart-breaking, events of your life. I wish you continued literary success and am awaiting your next book!”

“Very well written, very difficult and heartbreaking…”

“I finished reading “Amalia”.  What a story. It made me think about many things- how difficult life can be, how cruel others can be, how blessed many of us are but probably do not realize it, how God truly is in control, and many other thoughts. I enjoyed the entire book.”







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