Read the Book’s Introduction

This book is based on Amalia’s life’s journey. It is a true story that spans sixty-five years. The story begins to unfold as she sits on her favorite lounge chair holding her beloved dog. She gazes out the window as she relates the story to her closest friend. She often shows emotion as tears fill her eyes, as she recounts in detail some of the most profound steps in her journey. Her experiences reflect a life of mystery, unknowns, commitment, perseverance, and endurance that will  enlighten the reader as each page is turned. Her life, with its ups and down, twists and turns, is sure to keep the reader connected to the last page.

The story is not inclusive of every detail in her journey but it does paint a picture of the adventure that Amalia started long ago as an orphan. Come take a walk with Amalia as she revisits her journey through the eyes of her friend.

The names of the characters in the story have been changed to protect individuals’ privacy.